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Chapter History

The Clayton Rotary Club began its long history on Armistice Day, November 11, 1924 where 25 business and professional men were called together in the old Claymo Hotel.  December 10, 1924 marks the first regular meeting of the club with John L. Bracken, superintendent of the Clayton School District as speaker.


The Club Today

Today, with membership of about 40 men and women, the Clayton Ladue Rotary Club continues to meet every first and third Wednesday of the month.  We have been flexible during the pandemic, at first resuming in-person meetings and moving back to virtual when necessary.  Our charitable giving committee and ClayRo Trust continue to support people, projects, and causes in the St. Louis area.  On local and international levels, Rotary seeks growth through an increasingly diverse membership.  Our club is committed to the personal growth and development of our members through a focus on service.

Rotary has some of the best speakers in the St. Louis Area for clubs of any kind.  Clayton Ladue has featured leaders in local and state government, prominent community members and presented compelling representatives from dynamic and unique non-profit organizations.  We've also had speakers from the management of local professional sports teams and the media to provide a well-rounded base of contributors to our meetings.  We always strive to provide a meaningful interaction with our programs.  

You will also meet local business leaders, and other successful individuals, which is what most are looking for in joining a professional club.  Our in-person meetings are also located in the heart of business for St. Louis County, with free parking for those who join us at the Center of Clayton in a recently renovated space.  

We welcome you to join us on a Wednesday for a meeting to experience what our club has to offer.  

For more information about Clayton Ladue Rotary, contact us at: durbinte@yahoo.com.