Clay-Ro Trust

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CLAY-RO TRUST began in 1956 as the brainchild of Charlie Dee, Roy Jordan, Roy Longstreet and Ned Rogers. The contributions received provide temporary assistance to needy individuals and worthy organizations in the St. Louis area.  Prior to 1956,  frequent requests were made at club meetings for donations to one charity or another. Clay-Ro Trust was started to establish a club charity project that could screen the requests for donations.  Initially Clay-Ro s funds came from individual donations, but in 1959 the club decided to assess each member $20 per year to fund the project.  Over the years the focus of this assistance has varied.  In the seventies it was to help injured good Samaritans.  In the 80's the focus changed to one time financial help for needy individuals and families.   Currently, we make about 20 distributions per year totaling around $5,000.