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About our speaker:

David Helfrey has more than 30 years of experience in litigation. He served in the United States Army, JAGC, as a defense counsel; prosecuting attorney; and Military Judge presiding over numerous trials. While in the Republic of Korea he was an instructor of business law for the University of Maryland. Upon discharge from the Army he joined the United States Department of Justice's Kansas City Strike Force against organized crime, becoming the attorney in charge of the Strike Force in 1980. His final prosecution of the Mafia leaders of the Kansas City, Chicago, Cleveland and Milwaukee families for offenses related to the unlawful control of and "skimming" from various Las Vegas casinos was made into a major motion picture entitled "Casino." Since leaving the Department of Justice, Mr. Helfrey has developed extensive experience in intellectual property litigation. Currently, he is engaged in presenting seminars to various companies and governmental agencies in the People's Republic of China on corporate, banking and intellectual property matters of concern in China. Although based in St. Louis, Mr. Helfrey represents clients in various Federal and State Courts throughout the United States. He has been involved in over 1500 cases throughout his career.

David B.B. Helfrey

Our presentation will be

The Unholy Alliance:

The Teamsters Union, The Mafia & Las Vegas Casinos

Given by renown

Super Lawyer and Best Lawyer in America, David B.B. Helfrey recounts the rise and fall of the Department of Justice’s Organized Crime Strike Forces while addressing the famous case popularized by the movie "Casino."