Yao Shi, Curt Ittner, Joan Bradford and Tim Durbin take a quick break for a picture.


Thursday, November 15th was a cold, but clear morning at the corner of Brentwood Boulevard and Clayton Roads.  Led by Curt Ittner, over ten Rotarians participated between 6-9 A.M. helping to raise funds for a St. Louis tradition, Old Newsboys Day.  Terry Baer braved the Northeast Corner of the intersection, where Fredbird was sighted drawing the attention of the Clayton police.  KMOX made mention of the club during their live broadcast, and new member Ashley Green was spotted with the afore-mentioned Fredbird by the NewsChannel 5 van.

Fran Jeffries, our newest board member, was rumored to have received the largest donation of the day (and possibly in our 50 some odd years of helping with this cause), a crisp $50 bill.

Thank you again to all the volunteers!